Important Information for Canadian Customers

Shipments of health products for personal use are limited to a single course of treatment or a 90-supply for one person based on the directions for use indicated on the label. Any shipments that exceed a 90-day supply are generally considered to be for sale and refused entry if the health product does not meet all regulatory requirements for sale in Canada. Photos of product labels with directions for use are on the website for each supplement.

These rules can change at any time, but we are unable to keep track of each country’s importing rules and changes.

We do not routinely monitor incoming approved orders, but we do try to flag orders that exceed Canadian rules. If the order is placed and refused at the border, we will refund the cost of the supplements once they are returned to our warehouse and found to be in resale condition. We do not refund shipping costs.

If you have any questions regarding import laws and rules, please contact Health Canada directly.