Health and Healing for Our Kids Presents
Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI): Novel Treatment for Lyme, PANDAS/PANS and other infections
Darin Ingels, ND
Saturday, May 14th at 6:30 pm
Easton Country Day School
660 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT

Lyme disease and many other infections have become extremely problematic for many children around the world, triggering various neurological symptoms including tics, cognitive impairment, behavior changes, sleep disturbances and anxiety. The treatment of these microbes has almost exclusively focused on eradicating the organism, often with use of multiple antibiotics. While these treatments often provide temporary relief of symptoms, they often do not produce effective long-term benefits and symptoms come back when treatment has discontinued. Almost 2 years ago, my friend and colleague Dr. Ty Vincent introduced us to low dose immunotherapy (AKA “LDI”). It is well known that streptococcus (strep) can cause rheumatic heart disease or rheumatic fever, even if the strep has been treated. The bacterial cell wall has similar molecules found on our cells, so our immune system gets confused and starts reacting to our own tissues. The same thing can occur with Lyme, strep, candida and many other microbes including viruses. LDI is essentially a homeopathic preparation of inactivated organism (called a nosode for the homeopathically inclined) mixed with an enzyme called beta glucuronidase. In my personal and clinical experience, LDI has been one of the most clinically effective, cost-effective ways to manage Lyme symptoms, PANDAS, candida and many other microbial-triggered illnesses. Having treated hundreds of Lyme and PANDAS patients, many of whom have been on antibiotics for many years, most of these folks respond favorably to LDI treatments. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not address the underlying immune problem that Lyme and other microbes cause. I find many Lyme patients, despite the length of their illness respond well to this therapy. It can take some time to find the right potency, but most patients respond well when we hit the right mark. In some cases, we have seen clinical improvement within 24-48 hours after treatment. LDI is the newest tool to help control chronic autoimmune reactions to microbial antigens and has become a powerful tool in the recovery of Lyme disease and other chronic infections.

Please join us to learn more about this innovative new therapy in helping people recover from chronic infections and autoimmunity.

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