Dr. Ingels is a respected leader in natural medicine with numerous publications, international lectures and 30 years experience in the healthcare field. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology from Purdue University and his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Ingels completed his residency at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Dr. Ingels is a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in the State of California. He is a Fellow with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Fellow with the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.

Dr. Ingels has been published extensively and is the author of two books, The Natural Pharmacist: Lowering Cholesterol and Natural Treatments for High Cholesterol. He has also written a chapter on allergy desensitization for autistic children in “Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism” and is the author of the book, The Lyme Solution: A 5-Part Plan To Fight The Inflammatory Autoimmune Response And Beat Lyme Disease.

Dr. Ingels’ practice focuses on environmental medicine with special emphasis on Lyme disease, MS, autism, Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS and PANDAS) and chronic immune dysfunction, including allergies, asthma, recurrent or persistent infections and other genetic or acquired immune problems. His practice is comprised of both children and adults. He uses diet, nutrients, herbs, homeopathy, and immunotherapy along with conventional medical therapies to help his patients achieve better health.

A Three-Year Journey to Regain My Health

After completing medical school and residency in Seattle, I took a job in Connecticut and began my professional career. I briefly worked in an integrated medical practice and soon decided to open my own practice. As with opening any new business, long hours were involved. I was about three weeks away from opening my doors when I contracted Lyme disease. I had every typical symptom from a headache, joint pain, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, severe back pain and persistent fatigue. I even had the classic bull’s eye rash on the back of my leg.

Like most Lyme patients, I had my good days, my bad days and my horrible days. Lyme changed my life in ways that I could never have expected. It took a toll on my job, relationships and my overall health.

I took the standard treatment of doxycycline and after four days of treatment was completely symptom-free – for about eight months. Once I opened my practice, I was the doctor, receptionist, bookkeeper, etc. I was working 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week building my practice.

Soon I noticed I was getting Lyme symptoms again and knew I was relapsing. Since it was in the dead of winter in Connecticut, it was unlikely a new infection. I took doxycycline again and there was no improvement. I changed antibiotics after a month and still no improvement. I changed antibiotics over the course of 8-9 months and felt worse and worse.

“I’ve walked in your shoes and know what it’s like to go through the rollercoaster of Lyme. But I’m also here to share with you a message of hope. I’ve treated thousands of Lyme patients and I want to share with you what I’ve found to be the most effective, safe and most cost-effective therapies that will help you regain your health.”

Things were not getting better. I was working with several Lyme-literate doctors in my area yet I felt myself going deeper and deeper into poor health. I finally went to see Dr. Zhang in New York City. I had several other Lyme disease patients who had seen him and he was able to help them tremendously. He treated me with acupuncture and his own Chinese herbal formulas and I started to feel better.

Over the course of 6-7 months, my health improved dramatically and I was 85-90% back to my old self. I then switched to a modified Cowden protocol and that got me even better.

I continued to work on my diet, getting better sleep, exercising more and doing all the lifestyle things I had been advising my patients to do. Finally, I was treated by a homeopathic doctor who successfully rid me of all my symptoms. It took almost three years to get better with plenty of ups and downs along the way.

The Right Tools to Heal

As a naturopathic doctor, I recognize that our bodies have the innate capacity to heal. We just need the right tools to tap into our body’s natural intelligence, which is why I use natural therapies to work with your body instead of treating symptoms.

In my new book, The Lyme Solution, I take you step-by-step through how to fix your digestion and heal your gut, eat food that nourishes your body and reduces inflammation, treat your infection(s) naturally, identify and remove toxins that affect your immune system and ensure you get the best sleep and exercise possible to allow your body to heal.

The Lyme Solution Book

So, I invite you to start on your road to recovery by making a renewed commitment to your health and your life by joining our community.

As a member of our community, you’ll learn novel ways to naturally help modulate your immune system and reduce stress. I’d like to encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media to get my latest tips for living a Lyme-free life. Consider me your online coach and partner.

I look forward to helping you lead a happier, healthier life!

~ Dr. Darin Ingels

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Success Stories

It’s hard to put into words what Dr Ingels has meant to our family – but I’ll try. After 6 years of watching our child progress into a state of sensory overload, inability to wear most clothing materials, dropping out of kindergarten because everything felt like sandpaper and topping each day off with tons of meltdowns…where could we turn? Our pediatrician suggested we take our child to a shrink…seriously. This recommendation came when he was only 2 years old. Then our journey began. After trying many approaches and other useless “professionals” we finally found Dr. Ingels. He spent time talking with us, understanding our challenges and ran a few painless tests. It was clear he knew what he was talking about. Diet changes, supplements and some allergy drops were the strategy he recommended. We were at the end of our rope, so we followed what he said 100%…what could we lose? Well, after only TWO WEEKS of following Dr Ingels’ protocol, our child was able to wear clothes! Not just specific clothes – ANY clothing! Shorts, t-shirts with TAGS, pants, shorts, shoes, socks with SEAMS, etc. It was as if the switch had been flipped. And, no more meltdowns! We were all so happy – and a little angry that we hadn’t been told what to do earlier. We had lost so many years. But to say we’re so grateful to Dr. Ingels would be an understatement. He changed our lives forever…for the better! Fast forward 6 years and here we are today with a 100% neurotypical child – thriving. Not a sensory issue in sight! We are beyond thankful for Dr. Ingels and his drive to help all of his patients. Without him, I would hate to think where we would be today.
Thank you Dr Ingels!!!

S.E., grateful mother

After years of my wife feeling sick and being told there was nothing wrong, our primary care physician did a Lyme test and it came back positive. She was treated with Doxycycline and some other drugs for several months without much improvement. My wife was so ill that she could not walk. She had total body pain, severe fatigue, brain fog, headaches and other strange symptoms. We saw a variety of specialists but had little or no progress. It became evident that we needed to be better informed. So, day and night I read books, blogs, articles on the web regarding Lyme disease. Later I cam across a book “The Lyme Solution.” I couldn’t put it down! At last a specific, definitive plan to conquer Lyme. Written by a doctor, who had it and did it, Dr. Darin Ingels. Now 5 months on Dr. Ingels’ supervised protocols of Zhaung and Cowen my wife is significantly better and is even beginning to play gold. I am so happy with her progress. God bless Dr. Ingels!!!!

Jule G.

Dr. Ingels has always been reliable in a crisis situation. I had 3 children at home sick on and off for 2 months and he was the only doctor who got to the root of the problem. Dr. Ingels always values your opinions and questions as a patient.

Thankful Parent

We first met Dr. Ingels in April 2009. Matt, then 14, having been diagnosed with PDD at the age of three, had faced a lifetime of dietary and environmental allergens affecting his gut and brain. We had made much progress with prior professionals and I believed that the allergen component was under control but knew that Matt still needed additional treatments in our pursuit of his recovery. He had been gluten, casein, soy, corn and nut free for nine years, was continuing to make great social and academic gains but I suspected that underlying allergies were still troubling his development.

On our first visit, Matt earned the award for the most food sensitivities found in one child! Matt begrudgingly accepted six months of additional dietary….restrictions and a daily allergy treatment regimen.

Flash forward two years, Matt is the healthiest he has ever been. He is making up for years of poor growth, gaining weight in all the right places verses years of belly distention and skinny arms and legs. His muscle tone has improved, academically and cognitively stronger, socially happier and with puberty now in full swing, his body is equipped to handle the hormonal assault of physical and mental changes that are occurring. He continues with his allergy treatment for various seasonal allergens but his world of food possibilities has changed tremendously. We still restrict gluten and nuts and I am cautious in allowing him to overdo certain food products but he enjoys foods such as goat cheese at least once a week with no apparent problem and the days of OTC allergy relief and the use of a nebulizer in the spring and fall are long gone.

Now four of us see Dr. Ingels, two other sons (ages 9 & 13) are in treatment for various food and environmental allergens and my own lingering gut problems and incapacitating migraines are clearly better. When my headaches sneak in (often through stress or if I eat something I shouldn’t) he has given me the tools and knowledge of how I can treat them without having to turn to prescription or OTC counter pain relievers.

With three adventurous boys, I have turned to him for advice and homeopathic treatments to alleviate concussions, sleeplessness, cold and flu symptoms and stomach viruses. He and his staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and resourceful. I highly recommend Dr. Ingels and would be willing to speak with families who are considering his practice.

Sue B.

Our family has been under the care of Dr. Ingels for over 2 years and we are delighted by the successful progress of our health issues. My 3 children including my middle child with special needs (ASD) had various food and environmental allergies. My oldest daughter’s sinus infections have not returned since we used Dr. Ingels protocol. My son with ASD is calmer and more focused once we managed his allergies. He is able to be a better student at school and socially interacts with his peers with more ease. My youngest son also stopped reacting behaviorally once we gave his body a rest from the foods that were disturbing his overall balance. In addition, Dr. Ingels caught my daughter’s hypothyroidism and my low iron issue and helped guide and treat these deficiencies with complete success. Dr. Ingels’ work is a BIG piece of the missing puzzle for our family and we are grateful for his expertise and comprehensive understanding of each of our unique health requirements.

Lisa R.

I just can’t get over how much I’ve improved since April. Lately, I have been able to kneel, sit on the floor, take my shirts off without asking for help, yawn, and sleep without aching shoulders.

Thank you so much for taking me on as a patient. My quality of life is so much better. I feel like you’ve helped me get my life back and I am so, so, appreciative.

J. G.

My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 18 months old. At that time, along with autism, she had numerous issues, such as sleep disturbances, hyperactivity and a wealth of gastrointestinal problems. She passed whole foods in her stool and had a bad reaction to many foods. I had taken her to different doctors with no luck. We found our answer with homeopathy with Dr. Ingels. We have been seeing him for a little over a year, and have been so grateful to him.

Finally, my daughter can eat most of the foods without any problem, her stool improved, her sleep is so much better now. Her eye contact has improved greatly and she is just getting better every day. We are so thankful to Dr. Ingels! Along with those improvements her social skills are increased and she is so much calmer than she was a year ago. For the first time, she wants to interact with me and other people. She became so much more affectionate and the best thing is that she hugs me now with her open arms, not holding them down like before. I can’t wait to tell everyone what happens next! Thanks so much Dr. Ingels for all that you have dedicated your time and energy to doing. I can’t thank Dr. Ingels enough for his professionalism and compassion. He is a very talented homeopath. I am confident that my daughter will have a great future, not only because we started early but also because we were so lucky to have Dr. Ingels in our journey. Thank you so much, Dr. Ingels! You are an amazing doctor!

S.B., Mom of 2 year old daughter with autism

Dr. Darin Ingels is the best!! I remember when I first consulted with him, feeling such a huge relief to have found a doctor that treated me so well. Dr. Ingels is incredibly smart but equally important, he is compassionate and understanding. He gets how sick you are. He understands where you are coming from and really listens to what you are going through. I constantly refer people to Dr. Ingels and I firmly believe that anyone suffering from chronic health issues needs to have their allergies checked & treated.

I have made great progress with Dr. Ingels’ allergy protocol because he offers incredible support along the way. He doesn’t just tell you all the bad news of what you are allergic to, he tells you all the good news of what you CAN eat! He provides you with well-researched lists of foods you can eat and where you can buy them, which makes the daunting task of food elimination so much easier. He is making himself accessible for help along the way and he offers genuine, quick responses to your questions. He feels just as much like a good friend as he does a good doctor. I feel sorry for anyone suffering chronic disease who doesn’t have Dr. Ingels on their healing team!

Heather S.

Dr. Ingels is by far the most dedicated, compassionate, and committed physician that I have ever worked with. He works tirelessly to uncover the root cause of your health problems and then works with you to implement a plan to maximize your health.

Dr. Ingels helped me make sense of my multiple diagnoses and really took the mystery out of the medical jargon I was hearing. Dr. Ingels is committed to partnering with his patients on their journey towards wellness.

Jillian T.

I have been going to Dr. Ingels for about three years now. In those three years I have gone from being tired, having headaches, and being sick all the time to being energetic, no headaches, and rarely getting sick. Dr. Ingels has helped me with all my food sensitivities and seasonal allergies. He has a wonderful bedside manner and has the patient’s best interest at heart. I have sent my whole family to him including my child, who absolutely adores him. I highly recommend him to anyone and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making me healthier.

Karen E.

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