Sean E. Heerey ND, MA, CCC/SLP

Many parents have told me that their child only eats yogurt and mozzarella cheese, French fries and chicken fingers. They will only drink milk and only from a bottle. Its either chocolate milk, strawberry Quik flavored milk or nothing. The smell of broccoli makes them gag and vomit. Some children are scared of new foods. Mealtimes are a battle. Mom or dad make 2-3 different meals to accommodate the picky eaters.

Here are some suggestions that can help your picky eater:

1. Play with your children during mealtimes. Have a special toy that only comes out during meal times and goes away when the meal is over. Simple and inexpensive toys work just fine.

2. Prepare meals with your children. Involve them in making a grocery list. Have them pick out the produce and other ingredients in the market. Let them help you wash the lettuce. Have the children count out the number of apple slices needed for a recipe. In addition to tasting, have your children see, touch, and smell the foods you are preparing for them.

3. Keep exposing them to new foods. If they refuse avocados the first time that is OK. Some children may need to see a food 20 times before they know they like it. (Not 20 times in the same day!)

4. Introduce new foods for set periods of time. Set a timer for 20 minutes. After the time is up put the food away and try again a few hours later or the next day.

5. Consult a Speech-Language Pathologist to see if there are any chewing or swallowing issues.

6. Consult an Occupational therapist to assess for sensory issues.

7. Praise your child’s behavior. Praise them for trying.

If you’re still struggling with your picky eater after trying these steps, please consult a feeding specialist who can help you find new, creative ways to bring new foods into your child’s diet. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of a feeding/behavior therapist, so it may be worth trying to make dinner time a more pleasant experience for the whole family.