Sean E. Heerey ND, MA, CCC/SLP

Homeopathy endeavors to treat the whole person. A naturopathic doctor or practitioner who uses homeopathy is interested in finding the “simillimum”, i.e., the single remedy that brings a person to a new place of healing.

This can be a difficult task especially when people are taking medications which alter how they feel and can change their perceptions of how they feel. Additionally, most pharmaceutical medicines are suppressive or palliative and do not treat the cause of disease.

By masking symptoms, disease may be pushed deeper into the body and problems can show up in another system. A common example seen in practice is a baby with eczema treated with topical corticosteroids that suppresses the skin inflammation, but may manifest as asthma 1-2 years later.

Sometimes, well indicated remedies don’t work because a person is engaging in habits that are not supportive of overall health, e.g., excessive consumption of gluten, dairy, processed foods, toxic relationships, exposure to environmental toxins, or lack of a loving partner in their life.

Homeopathic drainage is a type of naturopathic treatment, which can be used to “drain” various body systems at a cellular level, e.g., at the level of the extra cellular matrix, and help to restore normal physiology. One of the greatest challenges that our body faces is the effective management and removal of toxins, e.g., physical, mental and emotional.

Drainage is the process of detoxifying the body by opening up the detoxifying organs and discharging their toxic accumulations from the cells to recreate, re-establish and restore balance in the body. Drainage is more than just “detoxification”. It is about maintaining a balance in the body, mind and spirit. When the body is not in balance a disease condition develops.

The drainage remedies I use are called UNDA#s. After treating people with UNDA Numbers the process of finding a single homeopathic remedy is facilitated because the body has discharged and gotten rid of material, e.g., toxins, emotions, that are no longer useful. The symptoms on which to prescribe become clearer and a remedy can be given which can bring someone to a new place of healing. This process takes time.

Homeopathy is often compared to the layers of an onion. As you peel away each layer you get closer to the core, i.e., that central disturbance that is affecting someone on a physical, mental and/or emotional level. The combination of using UNDA#s to commence treatment followed by a single remedy can effectively treat conditions that have failed to respond to other appropriate and individualized care plans.

Examples of some cases that have benefitted from treatment with UNDA Numbers:

1. 38-year-old with chronic diarrhea of 2 years duration is improved. Used to have 6-7 bowel movements a day and now has 2 healthy bowel movements daily.

2.  3-year-old male with inflamed tonsils. Pediatrician referred case to ENT for surgery. After 2 months, his tonsils returned to normal size. Mother cancelled appointment with ENT.

 3. 55-year-old female with a chronic cough of several years duration. Several prescription drugs did not help her. She was feeling hopeless. Told by her heath care providers that she would cough for the rest of her life. Cough resolved after short course of treatment with UNDA numbers.

Homeopathic treatment is extremely safe and no one has ever died from a homeopathic remedy. However, thousands of people die each year from medication side effects, toxicity and errors. Homeopathic remedies, either single remedies or UNDA Numbers, are a gentle way to help improve health and wellness by supporting the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

To find a practitioner near you, look for a certified clinical homeopath (CCH), naturopathic doctor or other health care provider who has extensive training in homeopathy.