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If you have Lyme or any other chronic illness, you may have noticed you’re much more sensitive to environmental toxins. These would be fragrances, cleaners and skin care products. You may have even gotten sick more frequently or had more food or environmental allergies act up. This isn’t just a simple coincidence. When you have a chronic illness such as Lyme disease, your immune system gets a complete overhaul. It is now burdened with trying to function correctly along with trying to detox from everyday stressors. This can leave you extremely sensitive to toxins that you would have normally tolerated a bit more before being ill.

Living with chronic illness is already challenging enough on the immune system. Adding to the toxic load makes for a more difficult recovery. As you go through your surroundings, you may notice you are being exposed to more harmful toxins. This can come from your job, home, stress levels, food, and what you put on your skin. Eliminating or reducing your body burden would only aid in the recovery of symptoms. Here are a few things you can do right now to lower your body burden of toxins:


  • Eliminate as many toxins from your daily routine. This would include getting rid of perfumes, scented skin care, candles, air fresheners, plastics, home carpeting, and any toxic activities you may be involved in.

  • Reduce your stress levels. If there are tasks that give you additional stress, consider delegating those to others that are capable or decrease the amount of time you spend on them. It’s ok to say no to those extra projects if it means you will get the rest you need to feel better.

  • Make sleep a priority. Sleep and rest are the ways your body recovers & repair itself. Without it, your immune system cannot function correctly and you risk relapsing or getting worse.

  • Self-care is a must! Especially with a chronic illness! I can’t stress this enough. I was guilty of this when I was first dealing with Lyme years ago. I was working way too many hours, traveling across time zones every week and not sleeping enough. I wasn’t taking good care of myself and eventually, my symptoms began creeping up again. Once I decided to make time for self-care and began doing the things that nourished my body, I began feeling better again.

The fact that you have a chronic illness is not your fault. You should never feel guilty. However, it is now your responsibility to take back your life. You are stronger than you realize and you’re not alone in this fight. Utilize all the great resources and communities offered to you, as well as welcoming and helpful support groups. I’ve also created a Lyme community that you can access by clicking here. I provide beneficial information on Lyme disease, new monthly recipes and lifestyle resources for all who join.

You’re a Lyme Warrior with enormous strength and determination. You are on your journey back to health. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns.

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