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  • Supports immune function
  • Natural antimicrobial herbs
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood flow

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Mycoplasma is a bacteria that is mostly associated with causing walking pneumonia, which causes flu-like symptoms including dry cough, fatigue, chest pain, headaches, sore throat, fever or chills. However, mycoplasma may also be transmitted through a tick bite and can cause other symptoms including joint pain, chronic headaches, eye pain (uveitis), muscle aches and various neurological symptoms. It is a common coinfection with Lyme disease.

A-Myco is a blend of natural antimicrobial herbs that also help support the immune system. I have found this to be one of my go-to formulas in helping people get over mycoplasma infection faster.

CAUTION: Some of the herbs in this formula can potentiate the effects of anti-diabetic, blood thinning or high blood pressure medications, so please consult your physician if you take any of these medications before starting this formula.


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