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Natural source Vitamin D3 produced from the lanolin of sheep wool. Vitamin D3 supports the regulation of calcium metabolism and absorption from the gut.*

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This is my lower potency daily vitamin D supplement for those who want to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D deficiency has become one of the most common nutritional deficiencies and affects up to 42% of all adults in the United States. What many people do not realize is that vitamin D is actually a hormone and plays an essential role in our immune system, bone metabolism, cardiovascular health, mood and other key body functions.

Vitamin D is almost exclusively made by exposure to sunlight and we get little through what we eat. Since so many of us spend time indoors or wear long clothing when outdoors or use sunblock to protect our skin from damage, getting natural vitamin D has become increasingly more difficult for many. A simple blood test from your doctor can determine if you are vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D supplementation can be an effective way to help raise your vitamin D levels if you are deficient and you do not get adequate sun exposure to raise it naturally. Vitamin D can also help support healthy bones.

Some people call vitamin D the “Happy Vitamin” as it plays a role in balancing your mood and regulating neurotransmitter function. Ensuring you get enough vitamin D helps keep you feeling your best mental self.

Perhaps vitamin D’s most important function is on modulating our immune system. Since vitamin D receptors are found throughout many of our immune cells, it is a key nutrient to ensure our immune system operates appropriately and helps regulate how our body responds to infection and autoimmune disease.


Recommended Dose: take 1 capsule daily with food or as directed by your physician. I recommend having your blood level checked every 3-4 months or as directed by your physician.



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