Latest EMF Protection Methods with Juraj Kocar, Somavedic

Dr. Darin Ingels interviews Juraj Kocar of one of his favorite companies, Somavedic, on the latest episode of Resilient Health Radio to talk about EMFs, heart rate variability, structured water, and…

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Essential Oils for Greater Wellbeing with Jodi Cohen

The applications of essential oils are so broad, that I invited Jodi Sternoff Cohen of Vibrant Blue Oils on my podcast to discuss her favorite uses of essential oils. We focused on what essential…

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Chronic Lyme Success Story with Shawna H. @alittlelesstoxic

On this episode of Resilient Health Radio, Dr. Darin Ingels is joined by Lyme patient Shawna H. She shares her story with multiple chronic illness diagnoses, and how she pieced the pieces of her…

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Christine schaffner

Lymphatic Detox Protocols with Dr. Christine Schaffner

On this episode of Resilience Health Radio with Dr. Darin Ingels, fellow naturopath Dr. Christine Schaffner stops by to speak about the lymphatic system: an often overlooked component of detox. They…

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Episode 002 | Conquering Fibromyalgia with Dr. Rodger Murphree

Dr. Darin Ingels speaks to Dr. Rodger Murphree about the ins and outs of fibromyalgia, including why it’s so hard to receive a diagnosis, new testing options, and the missing piece common in many…

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Heal the skin from within, Skin, Heal from Within

Episode 001 | Heal Skin From Within with Dr. Trevor Cates

Heal the skin with "The Spa Dr.", Dr. Trevor Cates, who talks about the signs your skin tells you about your hormonal function. Take a deep dive with them about inflammatory skin issues, hormonal…

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