Chronic Lyme Success Story with Shawna H. @alittlelesstoxic

On this episode of Resilient Health Radio, Dr. Darin Ingels is joined by Lyme patient Shawna H. She shares her story with multiple chronic illness diagnoses, and how she pieced the pieces of her health puzzle together. If you are struggling with Lyme disease or any other chronic health condition, this episode provides a happy ending and solutions that can help you, too.

I’ve treated thousands of people with Lyme disease. It’s the fastest-growing infectious disease in the world in the United States that affects more than 476,000 new people every single year.

Treatment can be discouraging, especially if you don’t have access to the right tools. Shawna H., my guest today on Resilient Health Radio, is one of my success stories.

She had multiple chronic illnesses – Lyme wasn’t even on her radar. She was misdiagnosed several times, even with multiple sclerosis. We worked together to solve her puzzle and now she says feels like she did 20 years ago. She is on Instagram sharing her story and creative personal care product recipes @alittlelesstoxic