If you are like me and always on the go, making time for a healthy, nutritious meal can be challenging.

That is what I love about this shake. Easy to make in less than 5 minutes, packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber while providing 26 grams of protein. All the nutrients you need to start your day or when you need a quick snack.

I love to add frozen berries to give the shake a frothy, cool texture!


  • 1 Scoop Dr. Ingels Detox Support Plus powder (Vanilla or Chocolate)
  • 10 ounces of cold purified water
  • 1/2 cup of Organic Berries of choice (frozen or fresh blueberries, blackberries or strawberries)
  • 1/3rd of an Organic Banana
  • 1 handful of ice
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Chia seeds


Add all ingredients into blender. Start blending at slow speed and gradually increase speed to high for 1-2 minutes.

At this point you can stop blending and check the consistency of your shake. If it is just right, pour into a glass and enjoy. If it seems to thick, add small amounts of water until you reach the desired consistency.

Pour and enjoy!

If you would like more information on how to purchase Dr. Ingels Detox Support Plus powder, please visit our store.