Springtime is the time of year where the planet sheds the winter gloom and brings new life and energy to our world.  Naturopathic physicians have long held the belief that spring is the best time for our bodies to “renew” as well. Spring gives us the opportunity to spend more time outdoors to get more natural sunlight (and hence, vitamin D) and be out in nature. If you are like me, then the long winter months here in the Northeast have meant more time indoors, less time exercising and less time taking care of myself. Now that our weather is being more cooperative, its time to start making those changes to feel energetic, strong and clear minded. Our 3-week Detox program can get you headed on the right track to feeling at your best. We use a combination of food allergy elimination, natural liver support to help improve detoxification, hydrotherapy, craniosacral therapy and nutritional supplementation to help kick-start your metabolism and get you on your way to a healthier you. Most of our patients experience weight loss, clearer thinking, better bowel function, more energy and better sleep while on the program. Detoxification isn’t just when you’re feeling unwell. One of the tenants of naturopathic medicine is “Prevention” and there is no better way to prevent illness than getting rid of the junk that clogs our cells and organs. Now is the time to get on your way to better health and wellness!