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What is PrepDish?

Have you been struggling with trying to figure out what you should be eating to make your body more alkaline? Have you been spending hours making shopping lists and meal planning? Do you find it challenging to stick to your diet plan?

To make shopping and meal planning easier for you, I have partnered with Allison Schaaf at to help make your life a lot easier. She has created a 4-week meal plan specifically tailored to help you follow an alkaline diet and achieve your nutrition goals. This meal plan provides everything you need to make shopping and preparing your meals simple and fun.

The alkaline diet meal plan will give you:

  • Recipes for 16 dinners, 4 salads, 4 breakfasts, 4 snacks and 4 desserts so you can mix and match as you desire
  • A detailed printable shopping list of every ingredient you’ll need for each meal, so there is no wasted food
  • Step by step instructions on meal preparation, designed to all be done on one day to save you time
  • Instructions for cooking each dish with an easy 5 to 20 minutes cook time
  • Access to Allison’s newsletter and informative tips to make meal planning easy
About Allison Schaaf
Allison started her life as personal chef started during her summers in high school, which inspired her to attend culinary school. During her 4 years learning about culinary nutrition at Johnson & Wales University, she had the opportunity to work at two amazing, world-renowned health spas. She loved soaking up spa cuisine knowledge at it’s finest at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. She also honed her culinary skills working alongside the skilled chefs at Champneys in Tring, England. She also utilized any time off to explore England and other European spots, always making it a point to experience local cuisines and dishes. In order to expand her nutrition knowledge, she attended Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition in Boston, earning a Masters in Nutrition Communications and becoming a Registered Dietitian. She then spent time traveling the world promoting almonds through her work at the Almond Board of California. Her favorite cuisine is Japanese, for the clean, fresh flavors and attention to detail that go into each dish. When she is not cooking, she enjoys supporting local restaurants and farmer’s markets, hiking or strolling the beach. She also looks forward to her regular yoga practice to keep her cool, calm and collected. Allison always fits in plenty of travel and trips to visit friends and family and to inspire her cooking and recipe development.
What people are saying about PrepDish… $19.99
Jessica, SC
“You had me hooked after just one week. You simplified what I was already trying to do on my own. I now spend 2-3 hours food prepping instead of 4-5 hours. I eat a variety of new foods instead of the same 5-10 meals I was stuck in a funk eating. You have drastically cut down in my grocery bill by giving me a logical plan and reducing waste. I like how the meals vary by the season which helps with produce prices.”
Joanna H from GA
“I’m single and live by myself, so cooking for one is my hardest thing. Finding motivation to go to the grocery store, make time for food prep and be diligent to actually cook the food I have at home! I’m so thankful that I found Prep Dish… I’ve already shared it with many friends because having the meal plan scratched off my list of things to do is incredibly valuable!!”
Sara, CA
“I love Prep Dish! Having a prepped plan has made changed my evenings. Instead of using the last bit of my patience and creativity to come up with a dinner, however well planned, I know exactly what the compete meal is and can help my kiddos through the nasty witching hour! Now I am less distracted when I talk to them about their day and help with homework or just play! Our evening clean up has become so much easier and quicker! My kids are more willing to try new things because new is now normal and they know unless they love it, they don’t have to see it again. So helpful for developing new tastes and preferences! And can I tell you how much faster grocery shopping is when I’m not trying to calculate portions in the store or triple checking that I have everything I need for all the meals?! So thank you! Thank you for changing my evenings, my attitude, and helping my family be healthier!”
PrepDish is $19.99!