My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 18 months old. At that time, along with autism she had numerous issues, such as sleep disturbances, hyperactivity and a wealth of gastrointestinal problems. She passed whole foods in her stool and had a bad reaction to many foods. I had taken her to different doctors with no luck. We found our answer with homeopathy with Dr. Ingels. We have been seeing him for a little over a year, and have been so grateful to him. Finally my daughter can eat most of the foods without any problem, her stool improved, her sleep is so much better now. Her eye contact has improved greatly and she is just getting better every day. We are so thankful to Dr. Ingels! Along with those improvements her social skills are increased and she is so much calmer than she was a year ago. For the first time she wants to interact with me and other people. She became so much more affectionate and the best thing that she hugs me now with her open arms, not holding them down like before. I can’t wait to tell everyone what happens next! Thanks so much Dr. Ingels for all that you have dedicated your time and energy to doing.

I can’t thank enough Dr. Ingels for his professionalism and compassion. He is a very talented homeopath. I am confident that my daughter will have a great future, not only because we started early but also because we were so lucky to have Dr. Ingels in our journey. Thank you so much, Dr. Ingels! You are an amazing doctor!

S.B., Mom of 2 year old daughter with autism

Dr. Darin Ingels is the best!! I remember when I first consulted with him, feeling such a huge relief to have found a doctor that treated me so well. Dr Ingels is incredibly smart, but equally important, he is compassionate and understanding. He gets how sick you are. He understands where you are coming from and really listens to what you are going through. I constantly refer people to Dr. Ingels and I firmly believe that anyone suffering with chronic health issues needs to have their allergies checked & treated.

I have made great progress with Dr. Ingels’ allergy protocol, because he offers incredible support along the way. He doesn’t just tell you all the bad news of what you are allergic to, he tells you all the good news of what you CAN eat! He provides you with well-researched lists of foods you can eat and where you can buy them, which makes the daunting task of food elimination so much easier. He is makes himself accessible for help along the way and he offers genuine, quick responses to your questions. He feels just as much like a good friend as he does a good doctor. I feel sorry for anyone suffering chronic disease who doesn’t have Dr. Ingels on their healing team!

Heather S.

We first met Dr. Ingels in April 2009. Matt, then 14, having been diagnosed with PDD at the age of three, had faced a lifetime of dietary and environmental allergens affecting his gut and brain. We had made much progress with prior professionals and I believed that the allergen component was under control, but, knew that Matt still needed additional treatments in our pursuit of his recovery. He had been gluten, casein, soy, corn and nut free for nine years, was continuing to make great social and academic gains but I suspected that underlying allergies were still troubling his development. On our first visit, Matt earned the award for the most food sensitivities found in one child!

Matt begrudgingly accepted six months of additional dietary restrictions and a daily allergy treatment regimen. Flash forward two years, Matt is the healthiest he has ever been. He is making up for years of poor growth, gaining weight in all the right places verses years of belly distention and skinny arms and legs. His muscle tone has improved, academically and cognitively stronger, socially happier and with puberty now in full swing, his body is equipped to handle the hormonal assault of physical and mental changes that are occurring. He continues with his allergy treatment for various seasonal allergens but his world of food possibilities has changed tremendously. We still restrict gluten and nuts and I am cautious in allowing him to overdue certain food products, but, he enjoys foods such as goat cheese at least once a week with no apparent problem and the days of OTC allergy relief and the use of a nebulizer in the Spring and Fall are long gone.

Now four of us see Dr. Ingels, two other son’s (ages 9 & 13) are in treatment for various food and environmental allergens and my own lingering gut problems and incapacitating migraines are clearly better. When my headaches sneak in (often through stress or if I eat something I shouldn’t) he has given me the tools and knowledge of how I can treat them without having to turn to prescription or OTC counter pain relievers.

With three adventurous boys, I have turned to him for advice and homeopathic treatments to alleviate concussions, sleeplessness, cold and flu symptoms and stomach viruses. He and his staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and resourceful, I highly recommend Dr. Ingels and would be willing to speak with families who are considering his practice.

Sue B.

I have been going to Dr. Ingels for about three years now. In those three years I have gone from being tired, having headaches, and being sick all the time to being energetic, no headaches, and rarely getting sick. Dr. Ingels has helped me with all my food sensitivities and seasonal allergies. He has a wonderful bedside manner and has the patient’s best interest at heart. I have sent my whole family to him including my child, who absolutely adores him. I highly recommend him to any one and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making me healthier.

Karen E.

Dr. Ingels is by far the most dedicated, compassionate, and committed physician that I have ever worked with. He works tirelessly to uncover the root cause of your health problems and then works with you to implement a plan to maximize your health. Dr. Ingels helped me make sense of my multiple diagnoses and really took the mystery out of the medical jargon I was hearing. Dr. Ingels is committed to partnering with his patients on their journey towards wellness.

Jillian T.

Our family has been under the care of Dr. Ingels for over 2 years and we are delighted by the successful progress of our health issues. My 3 children including my middle child with special needs (ASD) had various food and environmental allergies. My oldest daughter’s sinus infections have not returned since we used Dr. Ingels protocol. My son with ASD is calmer and more focused once we managed his allergies. He is able to be a better student at school and socially interacts with his peers with more ease. My youngest son also stopped reacting behaviorally once we gave his body a rest from the foods that were disturbing his overall balance. In addition, Dr. Ingels caught my daughter’s hypothyroidism and my low iron issue and helped guide and treat these deficiencies with complete success. Dr. Ingels work is a BIG piece of the missing puzzle for our family and we are grateful for his expertise and comprehensive understanding of each of our unique health requirements.

Lisa R.

Dr. Ingels has always been reliable in a crisis situation. I had 3 children at home sick on and off for 2 months and he was the only doctor who got to the root of the problem. Dr. Ingels always values your opinions and questions as a patient.

Lisa P.