The Lyme Solution Masterclass: an 8-module course designed for practitioners’ training, modified for the general patient population. Get 4 modules + a FREE hardcover copy of Dr. Darin Ingels’ best-selling book, The Lyme Solution.

Not seeing results in your traditional Lyme disease treatment? This course provides the tools you need to become educated in your treatment options and get to the root cause of why this disease has been allowed to thrive in your body.

Each module comes with corresponding PowerPoint slides with ease of use.

Explore the modules included in The Lyme Solution Masterclass:

Understand the tick species that could have bitten you
Symptom overlap – “The Great Imitator” – and misdiagnoses

Why intestinal dysfunction may set the stage for chronic Lyme disease

Which amino acid is commonly depleted in Lyme patients- and where to get it
Dr. Ingels’ favorite probiotic at your local pharmacy – and a few other inexpensive gut treatments
Where paleo and keto diets fail
A comprehensive guide to the alkaline diet: an eating style formulated for optimal bodily pH and sustainability
Your guide to eating out at restaurants with a new dietary plan

The Lyme Solution Introductory Masterclass + FREE Hardcover copy of The Lyme Solution

  • 4 Modules exploring treatment solutions
  • FREE The Lyme Solution Hardcover Book
  • FREE Supplement Mini-Class