I am honored to be speaking at The Thyroid Summit!

I will be speaking on Day 6 of the summit, October 29th: How to overcome the Lyme Disease Epidemic!

My good friend & colleague, Amy Myers, MD, created The Thyroid Connection Summit because conventional medicine failed her in her journey with thyroid dysfunction. Join us if you have Graves’, Hashimoto’s, hypo-or hyperthyroidism, cancer, nodules, cysts, I-131 radiation or are post-thyroidectomy. Or, if your doctor says your labs are normal, yet you still have symptoms–this free, online summit is for you!

Listen to 30+ experts discuss how to overcome thyroid disorders.

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The Thyroid Connection Summit will help you:

*Work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis/treatment
*Address the root causes of thyroid dysfunction
*Implement healthy dietary and lifestyle changes
*Reclaim your health and vitality

The Thyroid Connection Summit is online and free from October 24-31, 2016!